40 Masks

This is a list of 40 Masks that can be added into adventures as rewards/plot-points for players. Each has a benefit and a drawback.

You can download a PDF of them here: 40 Archetype masks

Mask Group Special Power Problem Secret Secret 2
Actor Mind 10 to bluff. Unknown Any bluff roll under a natural 7, the character blurts out a second outrageous lie, determined/approved by the DM, as the Actor’s need for attention overtakes them. On a nat1, the PC becomes unable to tell truth for the rest of the encounter and must tell the wildest lies constantly. If the PC tells the truth or exhibits humility during their lying time, they take 10 damage as the mask punishes them.
Addict Body 5 to hit with any power/weapon due to the Addict’s extreme focus. Player rolls a D6 on wearing the mask, this determines what they are addicted to.
1 Gold
2 Food
3 Alcohol/Drugs
4 Danger
5 Sex
6 Pain
As soon as the PC encounters their weakness, the Addict’s desire for it will override anything else until the mask is taken off them. They will resist having the mask taken away.
Alchemist Mind Can use each daily power 2 times before exhausted & encounter powers 3 times. Immediately on wearing the mask, the PC’s compassion & teamwork dissappears. They will only care about themselves and their own goals, even to the deaths of their teamates, as the Alcamist’s coldness takes over. If the PC shows any kindness/compassion at even the smallest detraction from their goal, they take 10 damage as the mask punishes them.
Anarchist Power Each hit, roll a D10. Each time PC is hit, roll D10. Each hit, roll a D10:
1 Add 20 dmg
2 Turns into red panda 1 trn
3 Triples in size 1 trn
4 Frozen 1 trn
5 Begins singing opera
6 Turns into Beholder 1trn
7 Invisible 1trn
8 Heal 10 dmg
9 Ages 50 years
10 Disco lights/music
Each time PC is hit, roll D10:
1 ongoing 5 fire dmg (save)
2 reverse aging to a 2 year old 1trn
3 Add 10 dmg
4 Turn into a dragon 1trn
5 Slow-motion mode (slowed – save)
6 Gain action point
7 Turn into an Aye-aye 1trn
8 Heal 20 dmg
9 Vision of the players
10 Groundhog day 1trn back
Artist Emotion Gain 7 action points Unknown. Each time the player uses an action point, they take a -1 to all rolls (except dmg) as the Artist’s despair grows. This stacks but resets after each encounter. After all action points are exhausted, the current minuses become permanant.
Avenger Body Gain 5 to hit and 10 dmg against anything that has done damage to you. All powers will cause friendly fire half damage to any allies/self adjacent to your targets as the Avenger’s fury overrides their control/care for allies. The PC wearing the Avenger mark does not care. If the PC takes care to avoid friendly fire, they immediately take 5dmg as the mask punishes them.
Beggar Society Gain 7 to streetwise and 5 to endurance and 2 to thievery. Minus 5 to all other charisma-based skills and powers as the Beggar’s neediness/desperation overtakes the PC’s character.
Bully Emotion Gain 10 to intimidate Unknown Any int roll under a natural 7, the character immediately attacks the target with an at-will power as the Bully’s rage/insecurity takes over. On a nat1, the PC attacks with a daily.
Child Emotion Gain 10 to diplomacy checks & gain “Wonderous Imagination” encounter power which allows the PC to summon vivid, insubstantial illusions of whatever the character can think of. Minus 7 to all other skill checks as the Child’s innocence fog’s the PC’s skills.
Companion Emotion Immediately nominate another PC. You gain their hit points in addition to your own as permanant. Whenever the nominated PC takes damage, this PC takes that dmg +5 as the Companion’s love means they share and amplify their pain. If the companion intentionally damages or allows their nominated PC to be damaged, they take double that damage.
Criminal Society Gain 10 to Thievery & 3 to Stealth You are unable to receive any help from allies as their trust is eroded by the Criminal’s aura. Allies must make a Wis18 check to help the PC. If the criminal does receive help from allies, they immediately take 5dmg as the mask punishes them.
Crone Mind Gain 5 Wisdom (including all skills) Immediately half the PCs hit points and this is now their max, as the Crone’s frailty weakens their body whilst increasing their wisdom.
Detective Mind Gain 10 Perception. +2 to hit & +3 damage to all attacks. All encounter powers are now considered Daily powers as the Detectives intensity drives the PC to exhaustion.
Devil Emotion Gain “Penance Stare” encounter power. Deals all damage that the target has inflicted in this encounter back on them. The PC’s head is now a flaming skull. This looks pretty ridiculous so -5 to Charisma, -10 to diplomacy, -10 to intimidate but +5 to bluff.
Diplomat Mind Gain 10 to diplomacy and 5 to bluff -5 to hit and -5 damage as the Diplomat’s hatred of violence takes over.
Disciple Mind Gain ability to speak Divine languages and 5 Religion Unknown The PC will follow any command by any God, this will override their own desires but they can delay the action 1 turn by rolling a Wisdom Save DC15 A successful save against the commands of a God will cause 5dmg as the mask punishes them.
Diva Emotion Gain 5 Charisma (including all skills) The PC will no longer use their powers/abilities to help allies. They will strenuously avoid any possibility of damage for themselves. If the PC does do any act that includes self-sacrifice of any kind, immediately take 5dmg from the mask.
Dreamer Power Gain “Visions of the Future” power. The PC can go into a trance and see a vision of the most likely future. Unknown. Every time the Dreamer has a vision they take -5 to one skill (at random) as the trauma of the trance fractures their memory. They also lose some of their long-term memories.
Eternal Unknown Unknown. Unknown Every 30 minutes of real time, gain +1 to every skill and +1 to hit. After 2 hours, they gain the ability to teleport at will to anywhere they can see or have seen, they begin to glow faintly. After 4 hours, they gain the ability to dissolve matter at will by touch and their form appears to be made of smoke/mist. After 6 hours they gain the ability to become incorporial and will leave the adventure for the dark recesses of space. Every time the PC gains power, they lose a portion of their emotional memory. They still know facts but start to lose emotional ties to those around them and their old life. They begin slowly turning into an ancient and uncaring being from before time. After 2 hours, they lose the ability to care about the mortality of any but their closest companion. After 4 hours, they lose the ability to care about their friends (Wis25 to attempt it) and after 6 hours they will leave the adventure.
Fool Society Gain “Outrageously Funny” feat. Any time you use diplomacy to distract/charm a character, you may reroll the D20 and take the higher roll, as long as you are using humour. Unknown On any critical failure roll for any kind of check or task, a series of unlikely events will conspire to damage 1 ally for 10 points of dmg.
Gossip Society Gain 10 Streetwise & 5 Perception. Unknown The PC will answer any question posed to them by anyone with the complete truth & many interesting details.
Healer Society Gain Healing Hands power and plus 5 to Heal checks. If PC has this power already, the effect of the power is doubled. Unknown As soon as an ally is bloodied, the PC is compelled to drop anything they are doing and heal them/shield them from damage as the Caregiver’s urge to care for loved ones takes over.
Judge Society Gain Dark Vision & “I am the LAW” encounter power. PC makes an intimidate check (+5) against a target’s will. Success and the target is immobilized 1 turn & takes 10 fear damage. The mask grows over the top half of the PC’s face as a blank black visor. -15 to diplomacy, -5 to bluff.
Knight Emotion Gain “White Knight” encounter power – Immediate interrupt. The PC can charge in to save an ally from attack, sliding with the ally up to 4 foot and taking 1/2 damage of the attack. Also +2 to AC. -10 to Insight and Bluff and the PC is compelled to act in an Honourable way at all times, regardless of circumstance. They will not be able to tolerate a lie or dishonourable act, even if performed by an ally. If the PC resists the call of the mask they take 5mg as it punishes them. They will also feel a huge wash of shame come over them. This can only be cured by performing a heroic and honourable action.
Lover Emotion Gain “Seductive Aura” CONSTANT any target moving to within 2 squares of PC (inc. allies) must make a Wisdom saving thow against charm DC 15. If they fail, they are in love with the PC until they leave the aura. Unknown Any charmed character leaving the aura experiences feelings of deep loss and betrayal, just as if the PC has broken their heart.
Martyr Emotion Gain “Sacrificial Aura” – When the PC is damaged, one ally within 3 squares gains those hitpoints. Unknown The PC is unable to use healing surges or benefit from the healing powers of other players. Sleep doesn’t heal them either.
Midas Power The PC’s right hand now glows golden. Unknown. Gain Hand of Midas power (constant). The PC’s right hand can now transform a square metre/object of anything it touches into solid gold except themself. They must roll a D20 when touching something. >10 = gold. <10 = unaffected. Each time the Hand of Midas power is used successfully, an inch of flesh (starting at the fingertips) permenantly turns to gold.
Monk Body Gain 4REF, 3WILL, 2FOR & 1AC -10 to Insight as the Monk’s belief in sincerity takes over. The PC will take everything told to them entirely literally.
Muse Power Gain “Inspiration” Encounter power, immediate interrupt. An ally may reroll any check and take the higher roll. -1 to each defense as the Muse’s carelessness overtakes the PC This mask is the visage of Istus’ lost love. She will treat the PC as though they are the incarnation of her.
Nymph Body Gain “Transform” encounter power. The PC can turn into sentient, mobile water. The PC’s clothing now resembles a flowing, sparkly, blue ballgown & the faint sound of tinkly music follows them. This cannot be covered by any spell or other disguise. -10 to stealth & intimidate.
Olympian Body Gain 10 Athletics & 5 to Acrobatics The PC is driven to push themselves to the edge of their endurance, taking risks with their body in the belief that they are infallible.
Predator Body Gain 10 stealth & 5 to hit The PC is now compelled (Wis18 save) to chase & strike anything that runs from them. If the PC resists the call of the mask they take 5mg as it punishes them.
Puck Emotion Gain “Give me your hands” feat. When the PC attempts a diplomacy or bluff check, they may roll 2ce and take the higher roll. -5 to saving throws against intimidate, fear, charm or dominate and -2 to Will.
Puppet Body Immediately nominate another PC (player knowledge), you gain all of their powers in addition to your own & are trained in all skills they are trained in. The PC is compelled to follow any of their nominated character’s suggestions & support them entirely, as the Puppet’s desire to be controlled takes over.
Robot Body Gain 5 Strength (including skills) and PC race is now Warforged, without changing their stats, meaning they no longer need to breathe, eat or sleep. Minus 5 to dexterity (including skills) and the PC becomes dulled emotionally.
Seducer Body Gain “Aura of Sensuality” ACTIVATED any target within 2 squares of PC (inc. allies) must make a Wisdom saving thow against charm DC 15. If they fail, they are overcome with lust for the PC until they leave the aura. Unknown. When activating the Aura, the PC must roll a Wisdom saving throw DC15 against their own charm not to be equally infected with lust for the target.
Student Mind When PC is hit by a power, roll D20. On 10 or more, PC gains that power as a Daily. If the PC sees a new power being used they are compelled to try and learn it (Wis18 to save) by experiencing it.
Trickster Mind Gain 10 to bluff and “Star Knight Mind Trick” encounter power (Immediate Interrupt) blast 2. The PC may directly influence the thoughts of any character in the blast (inc. allies) with a simple directive (up to 2 sentences). Wis18 to save. The PC is compelled to cause mischief to any character, including allies, that is acting: Pretentious, arrogant, honourable, preachy or wise. This compulsion overrides other motivations. The PC will now also be easily bored, especially when things are going well and will cause trouble ‘spice things up’. If the PC resists the call of the mask they take 10mg as it punishes them.
Vampire Body Gain “Life Drinker Aura” ACTIVATED. You can steal 5HP from every taget in the Aura (1) inlcuding allies – no save. It’s an all or nothing type thing. The PC now constantly hungers to use Life Drinker. If the PC does not feed within 30 minutes (real time) then they lose 5HP. Then 15 minutes, 5HP. Then 10 minutes, 10HP. Then 10HP every 5 minutes until they feed.
Warrior Body Gain “Battle’s Fury” encounter power. Changes any strike over 15 to a critical successful. The PC is now compelled to react to any aggression with violence. If any other character (including allies) threaten or attempt to intimidate the PC, they must (Wis18 save) attack them. If the PC resists the call of the mask they take 5mg as it punishes them.

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