A Headfuck in Cling (Red Adventures)


Written by Emma Geen (character of Ana designed by Kesia Saunders)

This adventure is designed to help characters consider their back stories and is more about role-playing than combat, however their are combat options if this is the route the party wishes to pursue them.


  • Recommended for experienced DMs, a lot of information and conflicting takes on reality have to be held in mind along with the usual DM fare – extremely easy to get confused and forget things.
  • There is a new character, Ana, introduced in this adventure to make up for the fact that the DM takes control of Ms Grey for the duration of the adventure. She is a young human, of any desired class, who is on the run after killing her father who was a very powerful man. The murder was self-defense as her father tried to kill her when she approached him after she realized her true ancestry. She was raised by  poor elves in the woods.
  • It is easy enough to remove Ana if necessary – simply open with the rich couple entering the Fingertips Inn.



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