Greeting Dungeoneers

Welcome to the adventurous blog of a feeble Dungeon Master as she fumbles through the intricacies of tabletop game creation.

You can look forward to full adventures, standalone encounters and characters for your gaming delight, along with posts on Tabletop Gaming, GM advice and Narrative. There should be some artwork coming soon too.

For more regular updates, check out my tumblr blog, which has regular reblogs and posts with adventure, character and setting inspiration.

All the adventures and character articles here will be focussed upon our original narratives, rather than gameplay for a couple of reasons: 1)We want our stuff to be able to slot into various different games 2) We don’t want to infringe on anyone’s intellectual property!

If you’re a player, rather than a DM, and don’t want to spoil anything your DM might be planning to use from this site, beware of the Adventure and Encounter Pages, that’s where we’ll be laying out all our published adventures in the most spoilery of spoilerful spoilingness.

The Character pages will be entirely spoiler-free so those should be safe… but if they do creep in, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to keep those pages as player-friendly as possible!

Feel free to use/play with any of the Characters and Adventures published here but please please please do credit the original creators of the words or pictures if you plan on reblogging or posting elsewhere.

All character portraits and artwork on the site are by Emma Geen


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