New Adventure: Publishing tomorrow

Greeting Dungeoneers!

The adventure is almost ready and I’ll publish it tomorrow once I give it a quick proofing. In the mean time, here’s the opening:

The Grinning Dragon Inn

You are approached by a hooded figure while you drink in your favourite tavern, The Grinning Dragon, celebrating your latest victory over the Chupacabra terrorizing the neighbouring village. The hooded man says that his name is Alhafiz and informs you that he has a job for you that will pay very well indeed.

The hooded figure says that his patron, the great prince Alealam, has been robbed. The cult of Tamziq stole the mystic jewel “Huna” from the treasury and have taken it to be part of their great summoning of a demon prince. Alhafiz begs the party to stop them and recover the jewel, offering generous payment from the great prince. He needs it back by the full moon, which is tomorrow night, to ensure that the prince has time to cleanse the gem before their Winter Festival.

The hooded figure melts away into the crowd, [PC with the highest perception] notices that he trips a nasty looking half-orc on the way out. As you watch, a chain reaction of stumbling transforms the happy tavern into a brawling sea of fists and fights.


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